How does the application process work?
1.) You submit your application, along with payment for your first month's premium, to the carrier.
2.) The carrier reviews your information on your application. They may also request medical records and/or conduct a phone interview to assess your health history.
3.) After reviewing your health history, the carrier can accept the application at the rates quoted to you, rate-up the policy to a higher premium, or decline one or more of the applicants

What happens to the payment for the first month's premium if my application is declined?
If your application is declined, the premium will be refunded to you by the carrier.

How long will the application process take?
The process typically runs 2-4 weeks, depending on how much additional information is requested by the carrier. Please be sure to respond promptly to any carrier requests.

Can I get a better rate from another site, or directly from a carrier?
No. By law, you cannot find a better rate elsewhere for the same product.